Refrigeration Repairs in Madera, CA

For many businesses, refrigeration is an integral part of everyday operations. Your walk-in cooler, commercial freezer and other refrigeration equipment are essential. If they stop working or encounter trouble, there’s no time to waste in calling All Weather Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Plumbing. We’ve helped restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops, grocery stores and more throughout Madera, Madera County, and Madera Acres, CA maintain their refrigeration equipment for more than a decade.

Refrigeration Equipment
From chest freezers to walk-in refrigeration rooms, we’re the authority on all types of refrigeration repairs, big and small. From single units to complete systems, we repair everything from faulty thermostats, to malfunctioning solenoids, to coolant lines and more.
Commercial Freezers
For walk-in freezers—like those in grocery stores, warehouses or meatpacking plants—we’re capable of delivering extensive repairs to ensure proper temperature regulation. Don’t put the integrity of your products at risk—call us whenever there’s a persistent issue affecting your commercial freezer. Our experience extends to various different types of commercial businesses throughout the Madera, CA area.
Cooling towers
Some commercial refrigeration companies aren’t equipped for the biggest jobs. We are! Our techs have experience with cooling tower repair and similar large-scale service calls, allowing us to provide a full complement of repair and maintenance services to these important structures.

Hire Us

Don’t leave your refrigeration system in the hands of amateurs or overpay for service from a specialty provider. Instead, call All Weather Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Plumbing. We’ll provide you with the highest caliber workmanship, resulting in reliable refrigeration. Contact us at 559-871-9533 and let us provide you with the superior customer satisfaction we’re known for when it comes to refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, and plumbing.