Plumbing Repairs in Madera, CA

From simple faucet leaks to new plumbing and installations, All Weather Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Plumbing is the company to call when plumbing needs arise in your home. We’re available for all manner of plumbing and water heater repairs and maintenance, as well as new installations and projects. Our goal is simple: keep your plumbing in good shape, reliable and functioning as it should be in your Madera, Madera County, or Madera Acres, CA home.

Drain cleaning
A clogged drain only creates problems. If your drain is fully backed up, draining slowly or making gurgling noises as it drains, give us a call for drain cleaning. It’s a proactive way to prevent bigger plumbing problems.
Leak detection
Is your water bill unusually high lately? Can you hear a faint dripping noise at night? Sometimes it’s easy to spot signs of a leak; other times, it’s not. We know where to look and, if we find one, how to fix it, to keep your plumbing in top condition.
Plumbing repairs
Sometimes a plumbing problem is clear. If you’ve got a broken fixture, corroded pipe or another prominent issue, call us for plumbing repairs. We don’t waste time in delivering a solution that keeps your home safe from future problems.
Fixture replacement
Leaky faucet? Updating or remodeling your kitchen or bath? Fixtures are the end-use points of your plumbing system and demand just as much attention as any other part. Call us for replacements that fit the aesthetic of your home.
Sewer services
Homes throughout Madera, CA eventually run into sewer troubles. If your line has collapsed or there’s an issue with root intrusion, we can scope out the problem and correct it. Let us save you the trouble of a major sewer problem.
Water heaters
Hot water on-demand is one of the modern staples of convenience. But it relies on a dependable water heater. If yours is broken or inefficient, call us for water heater repair or replacement. We’ll keep you in good supply of hot water!

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There’s no time to waste when plumbing issues arise in your home or business. Contact us today at 559-871-9533 as soon as you need a plumber and we’ll act fast to bring you solutions that keep the water on in your home. Don’t forget about our air conditioning and heating and refrigeration services, as well!